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June 18, 2019 - Rail Adventures BETA available for free download + STEAM Early Access purchase option

Head over to the Rail Adventures page to download a free beta or purchase a STEAM copy of the game.

June 15, 2019 - New website available with updated information on our games

Dear gamers,
We have taken some time of to rest and organize certain things around here.
16 years went by since we opened exosyphen studios and we needed some time off.

We are now back, working on 2 new exciting titles:

Rail Adventures

Fast paced, racing and shooting action set in amazing 3D environments.

Hacker Evolution IMMERSION
The most elaborate hacking simulation game we have ever developed.
Hacker Evolution IMMERSION is currently being rewritten using the Unity 3D engine.
Expect new update soon.

Looking for our older games? You can find them on STEAM, here:

Rail Adventures
Hacker Evolution IMMERSION
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